Depression Awareness - More Information - More Than Sadness
Depression is more than feeling sad

Depression awareness is important because depressive disorders constitute a form of mental illness that afflicts 350 million people worldwide, and it is a leading cause of mortality, disability, and susceptibility to other illnesses.

Although the symptoms are associated with certain changes in brain signals and hormones, the role of these biological changes in depression is poorly understood. The symptoms of depression can last for months or years, and fall into four categories.

1. Mood symptoms: deep sadness; reduced interest and pleasure; hopelessness; loneliness; guilt; irritability; worthlessnessDepression Awareness - More Information - Word Cloud

2. Cognitive symptoms: poor concentration; memory impairme
nt; bias toward negative thinking; suicidal thinking

3. Behavioral symptoms: agitation; self-harm; sleep disturbances;
social withdrawal; suicidal actions

4. Bodily symptoms: weight loss or gain; fatigue; slow movement and gait; slumped posture; restlessness