Support Fast Medicine for Anxiety & Depression

AD vs MC5R Blocker CaptureSummary: Help us develop the first medicine for anxiety and depression that is fast-acting, effective, and safe for users and the environment.  Donate at six levels of rewards. Visit our Campaign Page on Indiegogo to learn more and support us.


We have a reward crowdfunding campaign to develop fast-acting medicine for anxiety and depression. In animal studies, our prototype medicines are not just faster, they are more effective than current treatments, and we have not detected side effects. Our Indiegogo campaign has a goal of $100,000 and runs until July 20. We will use the funds to help prepare a prototype medicine for use in humans. Crowdfunding provides a way for anyone, not just big investors, to participate in the research and development of groundbreaking medicine. For a donation of $10 or more, you can accept a reward that shows our appreciation.

Current Treatments: Anxiety and depression are leading causes of death and disability worldwide.

Anxiolytics are used to treat anxiety, but they are:

  • Addictive
  • Potentially harmful to the brain
  • Active outside the body
  • Detected at significant levels in streams and aquatic animals

Antidepressants are used to treat anxiety and depression, but many people do not respond to them. Moreover, they are typically characterized by:

  • Very slow onset
  • Mod­est effectiveness
  • Harsh side effects
  • Activity outside the body
  • Presence in streams and aquatic animals

Our Treatments in Development: We have an exclusive, worldwide license to develop blockers of the melanocortin-5 receptor (MC5R) to treat anxiety and depression. MC5R blockers outperform anxiolytics and antidepressants. For
example, in animal models of anxiety or depression

MC5R blockers are:

  • Highly effective
  • Rapid-acting
  • Without obvious side effects
  • Biodegradable (inactive outside the body)
  • Not expected to negatively impact the environment

Achieving our crowdfunding campaign goal will help Akhu relocate from College Station, Texas to a major biotech community. It will also help us continue FDA-required work to prepare prototype medicine for human testing.

How to Participate: There are four ways: (1) Make a donation of any size; (2) Share our Indiegogo campaign page  and Youtube campaign video by email or social media; (3) Leave comments on our campaign page; and (4) Follow us on social media.

Rewards: There are six levels of perks (e.g., Akhu T-shirts). Top-level donors will be acknowledged in a research publication. Donors at the top two levels will have 10% contributions made in their names to the Web of Benefit. WOB helps survivors of domestic violence transition to self-sufficiency.

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