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Anxiety is not just nervousness

Anxiety awareness is important because anxiety disorders constitute a form of mental illness that afflicts 500 million people worldwide, and it is a leading cause of mortality, disability, and susceptibility to other serious illnesses.

The symptoms of anxiety can persist for months or years, and fall into the four categories listed below. As with depression, the symptoms of anxiety are associated with certain changes in brain signals and hormones, but the role of biological factors is poorly understood. Anxiety disorders are also triggered or worsened by stress. Therefore, the social environmental can play an important role in anxiety.

1. Mood symptoms: nervousness; helplessness; feelingAnxiety Awareness - More Information - Word Cloud of impending danger

2. Cognitive symptoms: poor concentration; focus on worried state; suicidal thinking

3. Behavioral symptoms: agitation; avoidance; suicidal actions

4. Bodily symptoms: rapid heart rate; rapid breathing; fatigue; sweating