Clinical and Scientific Endorsements

Stamp of Approval“As a psychiatrist, I am well acquainted with the limitations of medications for depression and anxiety. They can help patients recover enough to function, but after a long wait and often with significant side effects. As a scientist, I recognize that Akhu Therapeutics has developed a very promising alternative medication. It is effective, fast, and does not cause harsh side effects in animal models. The FDA requires more research before this medical breakthrough can be used in people. Contributions to Akhu’s crowdfunding campaign will help them complete that research.”

James G. Gibbs, MD

Psychiatrist, Community Mental Health Clinic, Bennettsville, SC,

Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry (Bourne Behavioral Research Laboratory), Cornell University Medical College, New York, New York



“A donation to Akhu Therapeutics will fuel the exciting possibility of turning their breakthrough scientific discovery into newer, faster medicines for depression and anxiety.”

Stanley J. Watson, MD, PhD

Co-Director & Research Professor, Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute

Professor of Neurosciences in Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI

“I have had a 20+ year career practicing medicine. I have cared for thousands of patients with anxiety and depression, and observed obstacles to effective treatment, including intolerable side effects and noncompliance due to the lengthy process of waiting to see if a medication is going to work. If Akhu Therapeutics can provide safe medications with rapid onset of action and low side-effect profiles, this will revolutionize patient care and quality of life for a lot of people.”

Lisa Thompson, MD

President & Founder,

Telehealth Network Provider at OCN Physicians, PC

“As a mental health professional, I’m always looking into new ways to help my consumers lead healthier lifestyles. In therapy, I help develop positive coping skills to deal with depression and anxiety and though helpful, consumers tend to rely on medication. It would be great if there were other alternatives to these medications that often have so many side effects. Caurnel Morgan, PhD may have the answer. His company Akhu Therapeutics has the potential to be groundbreaking in providing safer, fast acting medications for consumers. Please take time to watch his videos for more information.”

LaTasha Kimbrough, MS

Certified Mental Health Therapist, Weems Community Mental Health, Brandon, MS

“As a pharmacist, I have analyzed antidepressant use by patients and I am aware that a huge unmet medical need lies behind depression. Patients are in urgent need of a drug with a short onset of action and I believe Akhu’s drug could really solve this need.”

Lucía Pérez Kempner, BPharm, MBS


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