Introduction to the Akhu Blog on Mental Health

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Tehuti: Ancient Egyptian Protector of Mental Health

This site is home for the Akhu Mental Health Blog. In future posts, topics such as anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, and ending the stigma of mental illness will be covered.

In addition, topics that relate to and support mental and physical health, such as exercise, nutrition, social interaction, public policy, etc. will be covered.

We will, from time to time, review articles, books, and other blogs about mental health, such as the e-book by Marc Prospero, Trouble With Mental Health? Salvage Your Life in 39 Days.

Finally, we will write about entrepreneurship, the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

We hope you enjoy our future posts, and we welcome formative input (e.g., topics to explore) and summative feedback (e.g., constructive comments).

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Akhu Blog on Mental Health”

  1. Would u like to put in a link to my e-book, Trouble With Mental Health? Salvage Your Life in 39 Days’? It’s especially for mental hospital in-patients. I wrote most of it when I was an in-patient myself.

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